Q. What can a freeze-drying machine do?

   Various products can be made, including freeze-dried fruits, freeze-dried miso soup, cup noodle ingredients and pet foods.


Q. What makes freeze-dried products superior?

   It has a high shelf life in its original form, with little change in nutritional value or flavor.

   It is also porous and can be quickly reconstituted with water or hot water.


Q. What is the shelf life of freeze-dried products?

   It depends on the product, but a typical food product should last about one year.


Q. How long does it take to make one freeze-dried product?

   Depending on the product, some products can be completed in half a day (a few hours) for the fastest ones.


Q. What is the delivery time?

   Estimated delivery time is 1-2 months after ordering.


Q. Do you charge for shipping?

   We can only ship within Japan.

   Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands will incur shipping charges, but for other areas, shipping charges are included in the product price.


Q. How is it installed? Is there anything I need to prepare?

   A single-phase 200 V power supply is required. The main unit is equipped with casters for easy installation and transportation.