What is Freeze-Drying

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   What is Freeze-Drying

Freeze-drying is the process that the moist materials processed preliminarily according to the purpose,is quickly frozen in-30℃ and is sublimated under vacuum condition.
This technology has the advantage that the process can retain the original from of materials,does not change its nutritive value and its f;avor,and product can be reconstitutedwith water or hot water thanks to porousness.Especially Freeze-Drying food which is excelient in quality and hondiness,is highly appreciated by consumers as a health foodclose to daily life.

   Basic principal of Freeze-Drying

Vacuum Freeze-Drying process is the process to dry the material without loosing its essence and its substance to be retained.It is utilized widely in the field of the confectionery industry,research in thebiochemistry and the medical science and the food industry,which requires drying important materials.Freeze-Drying process is the process to freeze materials and to dry it with removing water by sublimation in intact condition.


There are various processes for drying food as the figure on the left.

Air drying hot blast drying,vacuum drying and freeze-drying are applied properly depend on usage and property of material respectively.