Vacuum Freeze-drying process


   Vacuum Freeze-Drying Process

Vacuum freeze-drying is the way food is frozen while its moisture content is removed through sublimation at low temperatures in a vacum setting.
This technique which used to be applied in microbiology,medicine and pharmacology,is now applied in the equipment used in the production of instant foods such as cup noodles and instant soups,Only vacuum freeze-drying can preserve beef,lobster and vegetables while retaining their original form, in addition it produces superior instant foods in which the original flavor and taste of the ingredients are not lost.
Another important point is that instant foods produced by freeze-drying are stable so that long-term storage is possible .
You are invited to place orders for anything concerning freeze-drying;we will undertake the entire process from design to delivery of the finished equipment.

   The strong point of Toyo Giken Vacuum Freeze-Drying Process

1. The inflating-vacuum system saves energy while guaranteeing stable cold temperatures resulting in high quality products.

2. The equipment reduces initial production costs.

3. Use of a monorail system to moves products from the cooking room to the post- treatment room.

4. The use of a special plate heater to maximize drying efficiency.

   Vacuum Freeze-Drying process

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   Specifications of vacuum freeze-drying equipment